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You can benefit from the controlled Pilates exercises regardless your age or fitness level.

In the 1920th the German Sports Man Josef H.Pilates developed his training to cure himself of illnesses such as asthma and rachitic. He improved his physical condition and gained strength, flexibility and a better coordination of his muscular and respiratory system. Pilates exercises are accessible and suitable to each of you, help reduce back aches and stiffness, they increase flexibility and core muscles. Come and experience the unique training with the emphasis on lengthening the body, aligning the spine and optimizing your energy potential.

I gained my knowledge from international renowned teachers such as: Helen Tardent (Pilates Moves, Australia), Laura Weston-Jabali (Balanced Body, UAE ),M Valentin (Balanced Body & Pilates Body by Valentin, USA) , New York Pilates, USA, and also from my long term friend, highly qualified and inspiring Caroline Leon ( Aloe, a life of energy , UAE).

I teach my well structured Pilates training in private sessions and group classes, at your house or office. I use different tools like the Pilates circle, Balanced Body MOTR or the Form Roller to challenge oneself and get best results.

Find my group classes at the schedule and book your session at the studio. For private session just contact me via e-mail. I´m looking forward to getting in touch with you.