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What does Yoga mean? To me, Yoga is peace and calmness for my mind, love and joy for my soul and wellness and fitness for my body.

Yoga is a 5000 years old knowledge of healthy life. The aim of all Yoga styles is, with regular exercising to experience a better understanding of your own body, mind and soul. That will help you to cope with everyday life better.

While I was touring the world as a Dancer, a friend invited me to a Yoga class, that took place on the beach. The mindful exercises, combined with the deep breath as well as the teacher relaxed art of conveying Yoga, had a big new positive influence on my whole wellbeing. This experience inspired me to try and practice different Yoga styles; to deepen my knowledge of Yoga, I started and graduated my Vinyasa – Hatha Yoga Teacher education with international Yoga personalities: (Erica Blitz , Nico Luce, Bryan Kest, Max Storm, David Swenson, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa & Gurushabh , Andrea Kubasch & Dirk Bennewitz ).

Today I teach modern Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and meditation with ”planetarian singing bowls” .I teach all sessions to individual and groups.

Vinyasa Yoga was developed in the 90th in the US. Accompanied with music Vinyasa Yoga connects breath and movement to a flow of energy. By exercising the strengthening and stretching Asanas you will get in contact with yourself and your emotions.

Yin Yoga is a suitable addition to our Yang energy driven lifestyle: e.g.sports. Yin Yoga was developed from Paul and Susan Grilly; this Yoga practice focuses on the joints, tendons, connecting tissue and the nervous system. Yin Yoga is a peaceful Yoga practice coming from the traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Keeping the Asanas position for 3-5 min, we stretch and harmonize the corresponding meridian. Yin Yoga is a helpful way to find in to meditation.

I learned “planetarian singing bowls meditation” by Christina und Frank Plate. This guided meditation is accompanied by the healing sounds of the “planetarinan singing bowls” The difference between “normal singing bowls” and the “planetarian singing bowls” is, that the sound of the “planetarian singing bowls” always have a stable influence on our body and mind connecting us with our higher self. It brings peace and harmony in our thoughts.

All Yoga styles and meditation classes are appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners. I´m looking forward helping you to find your suitable program for a better you.

Find my group classes at the schedule and book your session at the studio. For private session just contact me via e-mail. I´m looking forward to getting in touch with you.