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In a Woman´s life, one of the most wonderful moment is, when she finds out that she is expecting a baby. It´s one of these moments when a Woman feels more connected to her own body and the new life. A good time to start or shift the training to help and prepare for delivery. My Waving Moves Prenatal Program is a safe comprehensive exercise program to help pregnant women during this change.

I worked a long time at a Woman’s only Pilates and Fitness Studio in Dubai. One of my mentors at the Studio encouraged me to attend the Prenatal Teacher Training with Caroline Anthony from “The Center for Women” (Chicago). I learned in her teacher training, what helps women to balance their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through all stages of pregnancy and further in life. My approach is, to use that knowledge for every Woman as everyone is unique and I love this work with my pregnant clients, helping them to be strong and confident for delivery.

Waving Moves Prenatal training concept is designed and inspired by a Birth Doula, an encouraging, official female companion who takes care of the mental health of the women during birth, a person well known in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. In my prenatal courses I also use elements of Yoga & Pilates from the Workshops which I attended during the last decade, to improve the quality of women`s life through pregnancy and the postpartum period.

I´m looking forward to accompany you through your unique Waving Move.